Divine Jealousy

May 1st, 2023

James 4:1-6

My third grader once told me that something made her “jelly.” I confess my first thought was what kind, apple or grape? However, she went on to explain that “jelly” was simply the cool way to express being “jealous.” Either way, it sounds sticky.

Often, jealously is an unflattering garment that really doesn’t look good on anyone. Yet, scripture tells us that the Father is jealous for us. This form of jealously isn’t envious, but yet another expression of God’s endless love for us. God didn’t make us to be collectibles on a shelf. (If that had been His plan, there would be no need for free will.) What our Creator truly wants is to interact with us and for us to want to know Him personally. We were made to know and love the Father.

God covets our company! He wants us to know Him intimately and enjoy the deep bond of fellowship that kind of communion brings. The God that made the vastness of the universe and everything in it is truly “jelly” for you and is longing to draw you ever closer to Him.

Author: Andrea Talley

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