I Want to be Like Jesus

April 15th, 2023

1 Peter 1:17-25

Thanks be to God that He has given us everything we need to live a godly life. Our God not only calls us, affirms us, and desires a relationship with us, but walks alongside us in the journey. These verses also bring out an important aspect of the Christian life: growing in Christlikeness is not optional for the people of God. Instead, growing in Christlikeness is within the very DNA of what it means to walk with Jesus.

We are shaped and formed by the things to which we give our time, attention, and priority. So the question is not really if we will grow, but what we will grow into. If we allow the ways of the world to shape us, we will be shaped into people who do not look very much like Christ at all. However, if we give ourselves to the fruits of the spirit and these characteristics listed by Peter, we will begin to look more and more like Christ every day.

Begin today by intentionally practicing these characteristics.

Author: Bethany Acres

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