When Life Is Uncertain

February 22nd, 2023

2 Samuel 15:19-26

We spend a lot of our lives waiting to see how things beyond our control will turn out. It is excruciating. We like to know what will happen. We like to have control over the outcome. When we can’t know or control the outcome, we tend to get uncomfortable.

David did not know how the war his son, Absalom, had started would turn out. Yet, in the middle of the chaos, he sent the priests who had escaped from Jerusalem with him back to the city. He had them take the Ark of the Covenant, the symbol of God’s presence, back with them. He decided to trust God whether God brought him back to the city, or whether he lost the war.

Like David did in this story, we must trust God when life is uncertain, and walk faithfully into whatever future awaits us. We know that whatever happens, God is working all things together for good, even when we don’t see how. We can do this in the confidence that God always faithfully loves us, and will walk with us in uncertain times.

Author: Steven Malcolm

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