Needless Fights

February 21st, 2023

2 Samuel 15:10-18

Chapters 11-15 of 2 Samuel are hard on David. They recount his most crushing sins and failures, and they pull no punches. In Chapter 15, we start to see David acting in line with his call. He knew that his son Absalom had started a coup, he knew Absalom had a lot of support, and he knew Absalom was coming to take Jerusalem from him. David took his most loyal people and fled from the city.

One of David’s defining characteristics in the Bible is that he is a great fighter. Here, he chooses to run. If previous stories about David are any indication, he could have won this fight. David decided to keep his family and his loyal officials safe by running. He decided to spare the city of Jerusalem a fight where armies moved through the streets.

There are times when Godly leaders must stand their ground. There are, sometimes, arguments that need to be had. But, there are also fights that only serve to feed our egos. We should pray to God for wisdom to avoid needless fights and arguments for the good of our communities.

Author: Steven Malcolm

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