Keeping Up The Good

February 11th, 2023

Luke 10:30-35

Except for the small stents when she was in and out of jail, she had been homeless for over four years. It was early one Tuesday morning when I showed up outside the county jail to pick her up, a lady I had never seen before. She looked like a gal who had been in jail for 60 days, her eyes dark, her clothes wrinkled, having just come from a bag sealed up on the day she went in. When asked where she wanted to go, her only known option was back to the streets from whence she had come. The next words from my mouth were “what if there was another option?” Those words led us down a path of promises kept, and generosity shared. A few weeks later, my new friend, with tears in her eyes, exclaimed, “my life is changed because you showed up.”

The story of my friend and the good Samaritan are not stories about us, but about the great love of God. His command to love Him and our neighbors is being fulfilled when we keep our promises to those in need. How can you live out the generous heart of God today?

Author: Rachel Kuhn


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