Holy Promises

February 6th, 2023

1 Samuel 1:11, 19-28

Chad and Rachel stood in the aisle of their local grocery store looking down at their 3-year-old boy. With tear-filled eyes and quivering cheeks, he declared that if they bought him the candy he held in his little fist that he would never ask for anything ever again! He promised.

Hannah laid at an altar, drunk with grief, begging God to give her the one thing in the whole world she desired most, a child. This, however, was not the immature vow of a sweets-seeking child, but the honest, bleeding heart of a woman wrapped up in grief and pain. Her promise was not a hollow vow that would quickly be forgotten, but a forever sacrifice that would eventually change the course of history.

We may not live in a world where vows are a common form of prayer and petition to God, but we do seek Him. We do ask for His provision. In your prayer time today be mindful of what you are seeking and check your heart. “Am I willing to return to God all that I am seeking from Him today?”

Author: Rachel Kuhn


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