He Is Our Peace

February 5th, 2023

Ephesians 2:11-22

Ephesians 2;11 begins with “therefore” referring to the first 11 verses (which are actually a single sentence in Greek). Paul declares that salvation is by grace through faith and not by works, but he insists that we were all created in Christ Jesus for good works. Saved by grace? Yes! But good works are to follow!

Now he reminds these second-generation Gentile Christians of their place in it all. Once far away from God and His salvation they have been brought near and made part of the household of God through the rich mercy of God in Christ. Once aliens, they are now citizens with full enjoyment of the indwelling of God.

God has opened the door to all peoples and makes a way for everyone to belong and enjoy the full benefits of His plan of salvation. No one is excluded in His plan to make the Church truly “one” and inclusive.

Allowing racial bias to destroy our unity robs God of the good works He desires in us.

Author: Ron Dalton

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