Speaking Good Words

January 28th, 2023

Psalm 111:1-10

In a world that seems so comfortable with the desire to tear down, point fingers, and use words in destructive ways, Psalm 111 comes as breath of fresh air. The Psalmist looks around and sees beauty, majesty, justice, grace, and mercy. This is the world we all want to live in, but sadly one that seems so far removed from our daily lives. Has our author written a fantasy born out of isolation from the realities of this world? I think not!

The ancient world was as keen on the injustices and sinfulness of their societies as we are of ours, and there are plenty of Psalms that name these wrongs. Maybe this Psalm stands as a reminder to us that sometimes we, the people of God, need to speak what is good in our world, even if that good is tenuous or a faint glimmer.

No matter how hard things get, the Church has been given a message of hope: our God “provides redemption for his people” (v. 9a). God is at work! Let’s hold onto these words of promise and declare them boldly.

Author: Dustin Metcalf


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