A Sign of Deliverance

January 26th, 2023

Psalm 3:1-8

We have seen David at his best this week—courageous and victorious over Goliath, but now we see him struggling. This Psalm is attributed to him while he was fleeing from his son Absalom. At this moment, the confidence of victory seems to be a thing of the past, yet David still proclaims a deep trust in God. God is his shield, his glory, his deliverer. It does not matter if “ten thousand” people have set themselves against David or if it is just one, he declares he is not afraid.

This is a model for our own prayers, but don’t miss verse five. Sometimes words are not enough for us. We need symbols to help us in times of difficulty. David reaches for something we do every day—falling asleep and waking up—to remind himself of God’s presence in his life. Sleeping is an act of trust. Each night we finally reach the end of ourselves, and we close our eyes trusting and hoping for the resurrection to come so we too can declare, “I wake again, because the Lord sustains me” (v. 5).

Author: Dustin Metcalf


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  1. Márcio José do Espírito Santo Says:

    January 26th, 2023 at 4:48 am

    Aleluia ?
    Que a ressurreição venha ” Maranata, Maranata, Maranata ora vem!!!
    Eu quero despertar!!

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