Determine to Follow

January 10th, 2023

Psalm 119:97-104

My family went on a hiking trip in Glacier National Park. We did an overnight hike out to Cracker Lake, a beautiful blue body of water. The trail out there was less than delightful as we discovered it was also used by horses. At times we desired to walk off the path, take a different path all together, and even turn around.

In Psalm 119:101 the Psalmist declares that he has restrained his feet from every evil path in order to obey God’s word. Some of these paths, while they may appear better, easier, or even worth retreating from, have evil influences and bad consequences. The Psalmist is only able to claim this because he has determined not to turn aside from God’s laws. He can only follow God’s laws because he has made them the joy of his heart through daily meditating on them.

When we meditate on God’s words they become sweet words of promise to us. They are sweeter even than honey which can sustain life and make it easy for us to determine to follow God’s precepts.

Author: Devin Mulder

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