The Bible’s Message Refreshes

December 31st, 2022

Psalm 19:1-7

“I feel closer to God in nature,” Joe says to himself as he drives his RV camper past the church on Sunday morning, joining the lines of other RVs making their way up the mountain. After setting up camp, he gets out a deck of cards to play Solitaire. Joe is alone, because his family chose the other side of the coin—finding spiritual refreshment from the Bible with other worshippers at church.

In Psalm 19, David shows us that even though we can see God in nature, and know He exists, we need His Word for the rest of the divine revelation. The Bible gives us the directions for how to find God and how to live as He wants us to live.   

It isn’t just a manual. It’s about abundant living, finding what really matters, and sharing the abundant life with others. It is especially about love—for God and each other.

As we close out the old year, may we reflect on how God’s Word has been the refreshment we have needed in the past and can count on for refreshment in the year to come.

Author: Karen Hiner


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