An Increasing Measure

December 3rd, 2022

2 Peter 1:1-11

I get it, “finding a groove” is a comforting idea. Especially in a world with no shortage of disruption, uncertainty, and a fair bit of chaos, grooves are enticing. We say, “I want to get into a groove.” This means, I want life to settle down so that I can settle in.

My concern with “getting in a groove” is if you stay in the groove too long, the groove becomes a rut. Stay in the rut too long and you land in a hole, and this is no truer than in our journey with Jesus. Following Jesus throughout the New Testament was evidenced in the constant willingness to be made uncomfortable, to be stretched and to grow.

Peter basically encourages the churches under his guidance, “There’s no settling in, so you can’t settle down.” Instead, he says, “Possess these qualities in increasing measure . . . confirm your election” (v. 8a, 10b). Keep pressing forward. Keep growing. You aren’t done yet! You are an unfinished product of grace.

Author: Jeff Stark

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