Listening to the Right Voices

November 8th, 2022

Judges 7:9-16

We live amid a noisy world where we are constantly barraged by messages from our culture. Many, if not most, of those messages are not what God would want to say to us.

In our text today, Gideon seems scared. Even the description of the enemy has an ominous tone. Verse 12 suggests that this army has more camels than Gideon has men! It must have seemed impossible to Gideon that he and his band of 300 could be victorious.

But then Gideon listens to the voices God has told him to listen to. He and his servant Purah go to the outposts of the camp to listen and they find out that their enemies are every bit as scared of them as Gideon had been of them. The tables have turned and this realization gives Gideon the confidence to do the rest that God has commanded him to do.

What voices are you listening to? Do they make you more or less likely to do what God has called you to do? Perhaps our listening habits need to change.

Author: Joe Foltz

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