Too Many, What Now?

November 7th, 2022

Judges 7:1-8

Within four verses, the size of Gideon’s army goes from 32,000 to 300. Scripture doesn’t tell us Gideon’s reaction to God telling him that he has too many men, but I imagine one of shock and surprise. Soldiers are a key commodity and resource when it comes to military success.

Every church wishes it had more people, especially people who are willing to serve, and give more money. We so often think, “If we just had more resources, we could really accomplish God’s mission for us.” Yet what we see here in Judges is that God limits the resources Gideon has in order that the glory will go to God rather than anyone else.

That’s a difficult idea for us. Every human being likes to get credit for the positive things we accomplish. It seems that God is asking us if we are willing to serve Him humbly without concern about whether or not our work is noticed. Are we willing to believe that God has provided us with all the resources we need to accomplish His plan for us? The only question that remains is, we will serve him or not?

Author: Joe Foltz

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