Letting Go and Receiving

October 28th, 2022

Acts 1:1-11

Whether they whispered it to each other, or silently asked it in their minds, surely they thought the same thing: “What is He talking about? He’s alive and back! When are we going to get moving with this ‘Kingdom of God’ thing?” They did finally give voice to their perplexity: “Jesus, are you going to restore Israel to its rightful place now?” (v. 6) After all this time they’d spent with Jesus, they still had their own agenda and wanted to see Him bring it into fruition. Defeat the oppressive Romans. Take back our rights as God’s people.

So why was Jesus not doing that? Why instead was He talking about waiting around for some Spirit to come? Hadn’t they been waiting long enough? They had given up everything to follow Him. Certainly it’s about time they start seeing some results.

The truth was, they simply didn’t understand God’s agenda. It was so much bigger than what they had in mind. In our conversations with God, let’s make space to wait and hear from the Lord. Maybe the Spirit wants us to let go of our plans and receive strength to live into a new adventure God has in mind.

Author: Deanna Hayden

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