Stepping Out

October 27th, 2022

Esther 4:6-14

Esther’s life began tragically, with her parents dying. She was part of an exiled people. Eventually, she was even taken from her loving, adoptive father (her cousin) to join the king’s harem. While Esther experienced hardship, she is now in a comfortable place of security.

It is from this comfort and security that Mordecai calls her to act. And let’s not forget, this was no gentle request! He didn’t mince words in telling her the truth: she wouldn’t be spared just because she lived in the palace. She could risk perishing now (if she went to the king and he didn’t extend his scepter), or she could perish with her people later. This threat to her security was enough to compel her to risk going to the king.

This is not to dismiss Esther’s courage, but to give us perspective about our own tendency toward self-preservation. We usually make choices we hope will result in our well-being and security. Sometimes, however, God asks us to step outside that bubble of safety. What ways are we tempted to stay in safety and comfort? How might God be asking us to step out of that, in a courageous act of trust in God?

Author: Deanna Hayden


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