Easily Distracted

October 19th, 2022

Judges 2:17-23

It’s easy to be faithful when things are going well. Money is good. Health is good. Relationships are solid. Thanks be to God. However, a lot of Christian music and popular writing is dedicated to continuing in faithfulness even through our hardest times. Why do we feel the need to remind ourselves and each other over and over? It is because we watch so many people lose faith while in life’s valleys.

When a judge was alive and active in Israel, things were good. But when there was no judge, no one to lead and fight for the people, corruption re-entered the scene. The people were idolatrous and stubborn.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe you’re not seeing a lot of Christians renouncing God when times are hard, but what about looking for other saviors? What about trying harder to lean on their own expertise? What about always remembering to pray in supplication and lament, but forgetting to pray in thanksgiving and worship?

It seems when we don’t see God fighting our battles the way we want or expect, we have a tendency to look elsewhere for solutions. God is always saving, always redeeming, always worthy of our praise and full attention.

Author: Kyle Tyler

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