Pass On It

October 18th, 2022

Judges 2:10-16

The largest supermarket chain in the world is still run by the family that started it. Since its inception, each new generation has been significantly involved with the governance of the company, with no end in sight as of this writing. This house has learned how to invest in the next generation in order to bring them along in the mission and focus of the family.

In Judges chapter two, after establishment, deliverance, and a conquering siege, a whole generation of Israelites came into being knowing nothing of the Lord. With the benefit of the omniscient narrator, we can ask, “How could they?!” But when you’re living in it, it’s pretty easy to see how they could. The older generation didn’t invest in the younger generation. They didn’t tell the stories. They didn’t teach the worship. They let the story of who they were die with them.

We cannot repeat their mistakes. Our older generations must lead. There is no retiring from passing on the faith. Tell the stories. Teach the worship. Be present. Invest.

How are you investing in the younger generation at your church? They need you.

Author: Kyle Tyler


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