Rise Up!

August 26th, 2022

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Acts 9:26-35

Anasthethi!” This is the command Peter gives to Aeneas in the book of Acts. It’s a Greek word, but in English what he’s saying to the paralyzed man is literally, “Rise up!”

We could take this literally, and in the context of the story we certainly should. This is a miracle! The man who hadn’t walked for eight years is now able to rise and move about on his own two feet. Certainly all the residents of his community are impressed by this physical feat, and turn to the Lord.

But the command is an interesting one because it uses the exact same wording as the language of the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus told His followers throughout His ministry that He himself would rise up three days after His crucifixion. And indeed He did.

So now “Anasthethi!” is not a command given only to Aeneas long ago. It’s the command given to you and I. When we are laying bedridden in our brokenness and sin, we hear a voice authorized by God instructing us to “rise up!” Christ has risen, and death no longer has any claim on us!

Author: Tara Thomas Smith


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