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August 7th, 2022

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2 Timothy 1:6-14

Paul warns Timothy about false teachers who will come into the church to lead people astray. These false teachers will not be obvious and will even use the Torah to support their views. Now, as then, there are false teachers in the church using God’s Word to promote their own false teachings and lure people away from the truth.

Society tells us there is no absolute truth, but that there are many forms of truth. Believers must be grounded in God’s Word so we can recognize false teachings when they are heard or encountered. Believers can be gullible and open to the twisting of Scripture. If the Bible is quoted, many people accept the teaching without question, assuming it is biblical truth and sound interpretation.

How will we know God’s Word is being distorted if we do not know His Word and have it hidden in our hearts and minds (Psalm 119:11)? Believers must be diligent in Bible study, alert to preaching and teaching that is less than biblical truth, and able to recognize correct biblical interpretation.

Author: Cheri Pommel


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