Servants of Righteousness

August 6th, 2022

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Romans 6:11-18

Baptism brings believers out of an old humanity governed by sin into a new humanity governed by Christ. God led Israel out of Egypt, but they remained slaves until they crossed the Red Sea. On the other side of the sea, they were free. Baptism is like crossing the sea, the symbolic gateway from our old life of slavery to sin into a new life of freedom in Christ.

The slaves from Egypt were set free, but they had much to learn about freedom and their new way of life.

Believers are no longer slaves to sin; we have been freed. Now we are slaves to God who freed us and paid the price for our freedom. No longer obedient by force, we become obedient from the heart. We have been freed from sin to become slaves to God and His righteousness.

We have many lessons to learn about freedom from sin and volunteer slavery to God. The lessons are often difficult, but God teaches us how to live like free people in the righteousness of our redeemer.

Author: Cheri Pommel

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