Light Versus Dark

July 16th, 2022

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1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

We can be too late. A house cannot be prepared to stand in the hurricane while in the midst of the storm. You cannot study for an exam when the exam is on the desk in front of you. You cannot keep an appointment if you leave after the set time.

Believers are encouraged not to be surprised by the return of the Lord. A friend offered comforting words to a dying old man, “I thatched my house when the weather was warm.” He prepared beforehand. We should not be found unprepared when we leave this world to be with our Lord.

Paul presents the contrast of darkness and light telling the church they are not in darkness but are children of light and of the day. The church today is to be like the Thessalonian church, unified in encouraging one another as they live in the light of Christ.

Christ’s coming will be sudden, but there is no reason to be caught off-guard. Those who live in darkness are unprepared, but Christians who are watchful and hopeful will be found ready.

Author: Cheri Kommel

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