How To Grow Mature

June 27th, 2022

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Hebrews 5:11—6:3

The problem with metaphors is that they eventually break down. For example, we know, generally, when a child needs to transition from milk to solid food. You don’t see many 7-year-old children passing on meals to have only milk. The body knows when it needs more.

How does a Christian know when they need to mature? Or how to mature? Or what the discipleship equivalent to solid food is?

Perhaps the contemporary church needs a fresh conviction to ask itself: how much of Jesus do I want? Just enough to escape eternal death? Or, do I want to lean into the hard teachings and discern if the way of Jesus really is the way of peace, hope, and joy?

Either way, how does one acquire that solid food? I recommend identifying someone in your church or life who is mature, in your eyes, and spending time with them. Make yourself his or her mentee. Ask questions, learn their practices. Do not be afraid to confess that sometimes you still need milk, but also—solid food!

Author: Timothy Brooks

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