The Choice Is Not Justice or Righteousness

May 31st, 2022

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Psalm 45:1-7

We want God to defend us, fight for us, clear a path for us (God can and will!). Yet, God wants us to pursue and love truth, humility, justice, and righteousness. God is the God of covenant, to the end.

All too often, Christian people want to parse through our end of the covenant, taking what we like, and leaving what we don’t. There is a righteousness camp and a justice camp in today’s church. Notably, we all believe and expect God to defend us and our position; we have little problem demanding God hold up His end of the bargain.

What would the church look like, though, if we put it all on the line and trusted God to defend, protect, and care for us? What if we did not try to pursue only righteousness or justice, but leaned into being a people of both? What if we trusted God to protect, enrich, and equip us?

God is on the throne! What would it look like if we took seriously the full character of God, a God concerned with righteousness and justice alike?

Author: Timothy Brooks

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