We Know God Because We Know Jesus

May 30th, 2022

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Hebrews 1:1—2:4

Prophets have a spotty history of effectiveness. It is hard to know which prophets we ought to listen to.

That is not to cheapen the call of a prophet. The prophets had critical roles of articulating God’s activity in the world, calling sin out, warning of the consequence of sin, and calling for repentance. But, their record of effectiveness and our record of listening is spotty at best.

Perhaps our struggle is not hearing the prophets, but understanding the character of God. We were not with Isaiah when he saw the glory of God. We did not see Elijah taken up to heaven.

Who is this jealous God who demands our allegiance and a forsaking of sin?

We have a clearer picture now. Look at Jesus. Do you want to know what the creator of the world looks like? Who the God of the heavenly throne room is, at His heart? Look at Jesus.

Once upon a time, the radiance of God needed to be hidden from human eyes for our own sake. But, now, God took on our flesh and showed us His heart.

Want to know God? Look at Jesus!

Author: Timothy Brooks


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