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May 27th, 2022

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2 Timothy 2:20-26

False teachers and prophets were a danger to the early believers as they worked tirelessly to establish the Church. Instructions and direction had to be thorough. Even with good guidance, people were apt to believe all manner of twisted gospel.

So too, today anyone may preach a convincing message from the pulpit they carry in their pocket and create a following. We have seen the canyon between sides on any and every issue stretch further and further apart, creating a dangerous divide of disunity.

It can be momentarily gratifying to set those people straight with a solid argument and a string of facts disproving their theory. Paul suggests a different way.

These people are at the edge of the divide. We mustn’t angrily rush them, or they may fall, taking their followers down with them. Rather, we should point to the patch of grass beside still water which flows to the foot of the cross and kindly invite them closer.

Invitation, not interrogation, must be our method.

Author: Sarah Kinzer

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