Always Remain Faithful

May 15th, 2022

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Acts 21:27-36

I used to think everyone loved a pastor—until I became one!

In one church, it came to my attention that one of our teen teachers had been involved in something immoral. Calling him and his wife into my study just before Sunday School, I relieved him of his duties. He tearfully confessed and was most understanding, but his wife became hysterical. Going directly to the teen class, she announced the pastor had taken their class away. The girls ran into the ladies’ room in tears. She also roamed the hallways during worship, telling the same story to people as they entered the building. It wasn’t long before I was the “bad guy,” and yet, due to confidentiality, I could not tell anyone why I had made my decision.

This is where the apostle Paul found himself. Some Jews from Asia saw him in the temple and stirred up the crowd against him. Paul had done no wrong and yet he was arrested, beaten, and thrown into barracks. No matter the chaos and confusion, Paul always remained faithful.

God calls us to faithfulness, no matter the circumstances. How are you living out your faithfulness today?

Author: Danny Goddard


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