Tell Them About Jesus!

May 10th, 2022

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Acts 20:22-31

2020 was a rough year for all. In the early days of the pandemic, I landed in a hospital while on vacation! We were visiting our son and his family in Virginia, when I realized I was in trouble. With the “no visitors” policy, I was dropped off at the emergency room, admitted, and underwent several tests. Coming up on Memorial Day weekend, they were unable to assemble a team until Tuesday.

What an experience: ten days alone in a strange hospital. However, I soon saw I was in the right place at the right time. I was privileged to pray with two nurses and a lab technician. On Sunday, I told every nurse who came into my room, “Today is Pentecost!” Most, being church-goers, agreed. One, however, told me that her working every Sunday prevented her from attending church, so she asked, “What is Pentecost?” That opened the door for a preacher to tell her all about the Holy Spirit.

We may not always get to choose our path, but we can always tell people about our hope of glory along the way.

Author: Danny Goddard

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