Repent and Be Saved!

May 9th, 2022

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Acts 20:17-21

Years ago I heard an evangelist proclaim that we are good at a lot of things, but not repentance. It seems that some will testify to being saved from their sins and even to being sanctified wholly, all the while harboring some form of unrepentance deep within their hearts.

When John the Baptist came on the scene, the message he preached was one of repentance (Matthew 3:2). Not long after, Jesus followed, preaching the very same message (Matthew 4:17). The Greek word for repent is metamoreo. More than just asking for forgiveness, it means to turn completely around and change direction. Metamorphosis is derived from this same Greek word.

The only way we can be genuinely saved is to receive God’s forgiveness, and to stop sinning, stop taking the same old path. Jesus so often told people to “go and sin no more!”

Is there something deep within your heart today that requires repentance? Unresolved issues? A former allegiance? Repent of whatever it is right now. Then can you have genuine peace within your heart.

Author: Danny Goddard

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