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May 7th, 2022

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Acts 8:9-21

God wants to bring a complete work of His redemptive love into every heart. Our hearts yearn for what is real, pure, and powerful. There are times in our daily prayers we might confess, “I desire what You have for me. Put me where You will, God, and fill me with holy love.”

But sadly, there are some who seek the power of God without seeking the purity of God. Simon was a man who practiced sorcery. He was popular, talented, and was a part of the church. Simon offered to purchase an experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit and power. Little did Simon know, the gift of God does not cost a little money. Instead, the act of receiving the Holy Spirit involves the personal price of total surrender.

Simon desired to receive the power of God without yielding to the Lord. In our text, Peter pronounced a harsh condemnation. The priceless and powerful gift of the Holy Spirit cannot be purchased with cash or credit, but everyone can receive this treasure by yielding their will to God.

Author: Mike Stipp


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