The Root of Jesse

May 5th, 2022

RG Audio 050522


Isaiah 11:1-10

Jesse’s youngest son, David, was a shepherd boy who later became King of Israel. His life was anointed. It is through David we experience the heart of a poet when we read Psalms. He was a strong leader in battle and at times a fallen individual who relied upon God’s grace. When the prophet Isaiah looks to the future, he sees a new day rising from the ashes—it is a day when a Messiah would bring about justice. The Messiah is from the line or family of David.

There are many days when the news sounds like the scales of justice are out of balance. Without sensationalism or video clips, we remember the Messiah will bring justice. The root of Jesse is still our hope. There could be pain, abuses, sickness, loss—but that deep Root is where hope grows.

We are draped in hope and we know that God will have the final word. This is why nations rally to God. Hope is rarely based upon what we hold in our hands, rather, hope is deeply rooted in an unquenchable belief that God will keep His promises.

Author: Mike Stipp


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