Family of God

April 30th, 2022

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1 Thessalonians 2:7-16

Growing up, we were taught to refer to the adults in our church with familial language. Aunt and uncle are the titles I remember the most; it was a way for us to be respectful while also understanding that our relationships with people in the church were different. We were in fact, family.

The reference to a new family being formed by Christ occurs regularly throughout the New Testament. The reality is that when we choose to follow Christ, when we are baptized, we are now a part of God’s family.

This text in 1 Thessalonians paints a beautiful picture of what that family of God can look like. The love and nurturing care, like that of a good mother, can create a bond. The sharing of life together, like siblings, can form a community. The caring and encouragement, like that of a good father, can provide healthy boundaries.

It’s an image of redemption, that while we may not have a family of origin we are proud of, while we may have been hurt or wounded by siblings or parents, that image reminds us God is doing something new.

Author: Robbie Cansler

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