Speaking Truth In Love

April 29th, 2022

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Ephesians 4:7-16

Learning to hold our tongue is a measure of maturity. We often teach our children that there is an appropriate time to speak, and appropriate times to be quiet.

In Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus he connects speaking the truth in love with spiritual maturity. This seems to say that it’s not enough to know the appropriate times to speak and be quiet, but that for those following after Christ, the way in which we speak is just as important.

We can throw the truth out like bombs, reveling in our rightness, but that will only alienate the people around us. This type of truth telling isn’t motivated by love, and generally leads to destruction.

If instead the way in which we speak comes from a place of deep love, a desire for what is best for those around us, a respect and acknowledgment of the image of God that is within all humanity, then our words and how we say them will look more like seeds being planted. These types of words do not wound, but create potential for growth.

Author: Robbie Cansler

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