God’s Beautiful Mosaic

April 24th, 2022

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Acts 17:18-28

Curious people are open to hearing other opinions and ideas—sometimes purely for the joy of learning about another culture, person, ritual, or principle.

It is humbling when you learn that there are many more viewpoints other than your own and it is a gift to another when you focus on them and ask questions about their life or family or perspective. Learning about other cultures and hearing how people view the world can be exciting, interesting, and sometimes challenging.

In one of my experiences in another country, I found that what seemed perfectly logical and obvious to me was not how this other culture viewed the matter at all. Admittedly, it can be frustrating, but we can try to view it as a wonderful reminder that God made each of us with different ideas, personalities, skin tones, languages, and gifts. He has made a beautiful mosaic with the people of the world. The wonderful news is that He loves and knows each one. It is “in him we live and move and have our being” (v. 28).

Author: Dana Porter

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