Finding Truth

April 23rd, 2022

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Acts 17:10-17

Acts 17 tells us that the Berean people were open-minded and willing to listen to Paul and Silas’ teaching, but they did not just blindly accept everything they heard. They checked it against the scriptures every day.

Many of the people in Paul’s day could not read. They were even less likely to have their own copy of the scriptures to take home, so scripture was read in community. The Bereans studied them day after day to make sure that Paul and Silas were speaking truth. This means that they came back to the temple each day to hear the scriptures read to them.

While reading the scriptures in community was the norm in those days, many of us have become more accustomed to reading the Bible on our own. While this is a wonderful way to learn and study the Bible, there can be a down-side to reading the scripture alone. We can develop our own ideas about what we are reading, but we do not have anyone (friend or expert) with whom we can discuss the passage. Whether we are alone or in a group, we need to eagerly study the scriptures so we can recognize if truth is being spoken.

Author: Dana Porter


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