The Presence of God

March 21st, 2022



Psalm 27:1-6

I’ve never had an army advance against me, but I do know what it is like to be afraid. I do know what it is to watch the world change around me in an instant due to death and disease.

I’ve never encountered enemies in the ways of the Psalmist, but I do know what it is to have people plot against me. I do know what it is to have falsehoods and gossip shared about me.

I’ve never been face to face with the extreme exhaustion of war, but I do know exhaustion. I do know what it is to lie awake in bed at night concerned about those around me. I do know what it is to feel the fatigue of pandemics, civil unrest, and traumas of many sorts.

In a world of brokenness and sin, all of us can identify with the feelings of the Psalmist, even if we can’t relate with the exact circumstances. We long for rest. We long for salvation from the things that bind us. We long for the presence of God to show up in our hardest moments.

We can pray like the Psalmist, that we might dwell in the presence of God forever. As we pray, may we be reminded that God is with us, even now.

Author: Robbie Cansler


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