Light From Darkness

March 20th, 2022



1 John 1:5—2:2

Have you ever, perhaps as a less-than-mature and thrill-seeking teenager, been driving down a poorly lit and deserted country road, when a friend in the passenger’s seat suggests turning off the headlights just to see how dark it is? Those of us who have, know how disorienting and even terrifying those few moments without the assistance of our headlamps can be. Without illumination, the road ahead can quickly turn disastrous. But the flick of a switch, the press of a button, restores clarity and makes visible the path ahead.

The writer of 1 John equates God with light, saying, “In Him there is no darkness at all” (v. 5b). Further the writer says that if we “walk in the darkness” while claiming to “have fellowship with him” we are not telling the truth (v. 6). The great promise of 1 John chapter 1, however is that we can “walk in the light,” where we “have fellowship with one another” (v. 7).

And the even greater promise is that in those times when we stray from the illuminated path we can “confess our sins,” and “He is faithful and just and will forgive us,” and the road ahead will no longer be shrouded in darkness (v. 9).

Author: Tasha Alison


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