His Witness

March 13th, 2022



John 20:11-18

Mary stood lost in her grief at the tomb. She could not leave as the other disciples had. She remains in the last spot she knew Jesus’s body to have been. So deep was her sorrow, angels could neither shock nor comfort her. She turns, and face to face with her Savior, expresses her devotion. She would do whatever it took to recover His body, even though surely she could not carry it or defend herself in the process.

Jesus reveals himself to Mary, not by identifying himself, but rather, by identifying her. He speaks her name, “Mary.” With new vision, she becomes the first witness to the resurrected Christ. A woman, whom authorities of her day would not see as a credible source, is given legitimacy under the authority of God.

Jesus knows your name, your grief and your weakness. He knows that you have no defense and that in comparison to His majesty, you are undeniably less than.

Still, He speaks your name and embraces you. We know Him, because He knows us.

Author: Sarah Kinzer


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