A Work In Progress

March 3rd, 2022



Psalm 42:6-11

You are a work in progress. We may come to God broken or weary with our souls downcast, and yet we are drawn to the One who is holy and faithful. Admittedly, there will be days when doubts and frustrations seem to outweigh our faith. We must remember that our God is at work no matter how harsh the experiences of life may be.

The psalmist is lamenting or crying out to God—but he is not despairing. A Christ-follower can hope without giving up. When we are tempted to despair, we turn our thoughts to the faithfulness of God. By trusting a God whose love is never-ending, we can call out to Him in sincere prayer. We can praise and trust Him before the answer comes because we know that the Lord holds the future.

My brothers and sisters, when you express your personal lament to God, let Him continue to mature you. Perhaps you remember trials in your history that you had no control over. Then take courage, God is still writing your history. Think about the faithfulness of God and praise Him for you are a work in progress.

Author: Mike Stipp

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One Response to “A Work In Progress”

  1. Márcio José do Espírito Santo Says:

    March 3rd, 2022 at 3:22 am

    Realmente estou sendo trabalhado por Deus!
    Glória a Deus.
    Ministração poderosa!

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