When He Returns

February 16th, 2022

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Matthew 24:36-42

I remember the days my parents had to go to a district gathering when I was little. Years ago in Mexico, the gathering was seven days of conventions and meetings full of activities for pastors and leaders. If I behaved like a good boy, I wanted them to return soon. However, if I behaved badly, the less I wanted to see my parents at the door.

Expectation brings joy, comfort, and excitement, but it can also bring fear, anxiety, and worry. Jesus left us with the hope of His second coming. He didn’t set the time, but He established that this glorious day will come. If we focus on time, that will lead us to despair, fear, and anxiety. If we focus on the promise of His return, it will bring hope, joy, and excitement.

Let’s think about the things He will bring with His coming: justice, peace, harmony, eternal life, health, joy. We must also be aware that He will bring judgment. He will give each one of us our reward. Let us be ready for that day.

Author: Loyda Ruiz


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