A Great Feast

February 14th, 2022

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Matthew 22:1-7

When I call my family to the table, they had better come or the food will get cold. I like them to come right away. If they don’t I feel like they don’t care about all the time I invested in that meal; that makes me angry.

I cannot imagine the amount of food that gets wasted at a wedding banquet if the guests don’t show. The king is enraged because of the combination of deception and rejection. This response can make that person change his or her perspective in future events.

How many times have we rejected the invitation to come to the table with the Lord? He is constantly inviting us to come to the table; He has prepared a full banquet for our delight. We may say, in what ways we have rejected Him? Whenever we make excuses to come to church, to pray or read the Bible. If we have to make excuses, we are rejecting His invitation.

He never changes. He is constantly preparing a feast for His children. The invitation is open to come and enjoy. The least He expects is for us to come and receive from Him.

Author: Loyda Ruiz


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