Lord, Have It All

February 4th, 2022

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Mark 12:38-44

How much is enough to give? We hear reports of mind-boggling amounts of money that wealthy benefactors give to charities and wonder how our small contribution could make a difference. But the point of giving is not for show. Neither is it to solve problems or even to make a difference. All of these motivations can be self-serving. The woman in the story of Mark 12 gives from a completely different posture. There is nothing in her giving that is aimed at herself. Instead, she gives with abandon to God, recognizing that she cannot provide anything for herself. She is completely surrendered to the Lord.

Perhaps it would be easier to give ourselves over fully to the Lord if we did not have the things we have. That is, after all, what the Lord wants from us:  our full selves offered in complete abandon to God. Christ is not pursuing us for our talents or treasures or anything else we think we can offer. The Lord loves us precisely for who we are—beloved children of the Father.

Author: Lori Ward


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