Empty or Full?

January 27th, 2022

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Ephesians 3:10-21

If your stomach is empty, you’ll be hungry. If your bank account is empty, you’re broke. If the coffee cup is empty, a careless waitress is hiding in the kitchen. If the cookie jar is empty, that’s sad. If the candy dish is empty, that’s worse. An empty gas tank? Are you wearing good walking shoes? An empty trophy case? Hopefully, “sore loser” doesn’t describe you. If someone’s words are empty, they are meaningless. If the church is empty Sunday after Sunday, the church board might soon be shopping for a new preacher to fill the pulpit.

An empty soul only has one cure. Only the One who left the tomb empty on Easter morning can fill a person’s heart with love and peace. Not only can Jesus fill your soul, but like David in Psalm 23, we can declare, “My cup overflows” (v. 5b). Jesus fills us to overflowing! Only Jesus can fill to overflowing an empty life.

Make it your prayer and desire to be filled with the full  measure of God’s love.

Author: Rob Prince

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