The Trouble Underneath

January 26th, 2022

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Matthew 15:12-20

We thought we found the perfect house. It had all the amenities that we were looking for in a house. It looked nice. There was new carpet, freshly painted walls, and plenty of room for friends to visit. The yard had trees. My wife loves trees. She was happy. It fit our price range. I was happy. We signed a purchase agreement, and put a thousand bucks down. We would be homeowners, assuming it passed the home inspection. It looked good—why wouldn’t it pass?

The home inspector gave us the bad news. A little mold in the basement, more mold upstairs, then the biggie—the attic had more mold than a penicillin factory. You probably know, exposure to molds can be hazardous to one’s health. Other than that, it was a great house!

Why tell you about my house buying troubles? On the outside, the house looked good. A couple of issues here and there, but it looked good. But underneath it was not good. A good outside, can’t hide trouble underneath for long. Just like that moldy house, hidden problems of the heart will eventually be evident. A clean inside is more important than a clean outside. Start with the inside.

Author: Rob Prince


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