The Heart Examine

January 24th, 2022

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Matthew 12:30-37

How is your heart doing? Are there troubles?

This isn’t a question referring to the blood pumping organ in the center of our chest cavities, and neither was Jesus speaking of our “ticker” when He spoke of the heart.

We get it. When full of problems, we say we have a heartache. When in love, we have a heartthrob. When your heartthrob moves on, you may very well be heartbroken. None of those references are to the organ that keeps our blood moving.

But when Jesus spoke of the heart, the heart was understood to be all that makes up who we are. It was the command and control room (or lack-of-control room) of the person. The place where cravings, affections, feelings, thoughts, imagination, wisdom, will, dreams, and faith are formed and shaped. One’s spiritual life was determined in the heart. The heart referred to who the person really was.

So back to the original question: How is your heart doing? Who are you deep down? Jesus specializes in making our hearts well!

Author: Rob Prince

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