Costly Obedience

January 12th, 2022

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Luke 9:57-62

It seems so severe. A disciple comes up to Jesus and promises to completely follow him. Luke lists Jesus’ instructions: leave your family and follow me, don’t go to your father’s funeral and follow me, and there is no looking back in serving the Lord.  Really? Did Jesus really want us to leave our past and family responsibilities completely?

Jesus pushed His questioners to a distinct choice about their focus. We have to fix our eyes on Jesus without reservation to be true Christ followers. A focus on the past can imprison us to a picture of how things used to be. A focus on our family prioritizes others’ happiness over pure obedience to Jesus.

Where are you focused? Yourself? Your family? The past? Your work? Jesus is looking to you with open arms and welcoming you into a life of radical obedience. This does not mean you will ignore your family or work. Following Christ is ordering each step with Jesus in your sightline.

Author: Aimee Mulder

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