Live Out Christ’s Teachings

January 11th, 2022

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Matthew 7:21-29

My 3-year-old was throwing a fit because we were not turning towards McDonald’s. I had promised we would go as a reward for good behavior but I had forgotten my wallet at home. “You promised to take me! You lied to me.” At that moment-my words and my actions did not agree.

Jesus’ words about following Him ask us to put actions behind our faith. He paints the picture of two houses and two types of builders. The wise man not only has built his house upon the rock, but is the builder who put Jesus’ words into practice.  The moment we just hear the teachings of Jesus and sit down in complacency is the moment we choose to disobey Christ.

I ended up taking my son to McDonald’s later that day, but not because he called me a liar in a temper tantrum. I knew Ford would not trust me if my promise did not become a reality. Jesus always comes through for us and is a champion of trust. He gives us the chance to put His words into practice and then we build our lives on the true foundation.

Author: Aimee Mulder


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