Worship At All Cost

December 24th, 2021

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Luke 14:25-35

Within this flurry of activity, it is easy to lose focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Our focus slowly fades from the reality of the nativity to the picture of the Christmas card experience where everyone is smiling.  Christmas Eve for believers needs to be a time of reflection when we focus on the stunning truth of the incarnation.

Jesus spoke about the cost of discipleship in Luke 14. He paints a picture of followers with complete devotion who do not prioritize possessions. The things we possess are not crucial to our survival; acquiring things can take over our lives.

Christmas Eve will always be a busy time where gifts are wrapped with bows and expectations. It is also a night to pause and find a way to look into the manger. Just like the wise men followed the star, we lay our possessions down at the feet of Jesus. How can you pause today to truly see the incarnate God before you?

Author: Aimee Mulder

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