Best Job Ever

December 5th, 2021

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1 Peter 5:1-10

Whatever our role in life is, we all have responsibilities. Pastor, teacher, salesman, cook, handyman, encourager . . . we all have responsibilities.

As believers in the Body of Christ, God has charged us with additional responsibilities. 1 Peter 5 could be called “The Believers’ Job Description” because it gives us specifics regarding our responsibilities to God. One of the greatest responsibilities God gives us as His people is to “watch over” those under our care. It’s easy to identify children as those under our care, but people under our care reach beyond children. We are also called to be “eager to serve” and urged to “be examples” to everyone.

God reassures us that when we “humble” ourselves, He will take care of us by lifting us up at the perfect time. When we are faithful in carrying out God’s encouragement He says, “You will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away” (v. 4).

Author: Kelly Brown

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