December 3rd, 2021

RG Audio 120321


John 10:1-9

Imagine visiting someone’s house, but instead of entering through the front door you climb through a window. I doubt many of us would do that. Now suppose you looked out your window and saw someone entering a neighbor’s house through a window. I’m sure you would be alarmed. In fact, if you were my neighbor, I hope you’d call the police.

People who belong to a certain place have nothing to fear or hide from; people who belong somewhere do not sneak into those places! In today’s scripture, Jesus is reminding His followers that He is the gate. There’s no sneaking around to enter another way, He is the Way. The way into the kingdom is through the heart of Christ. There are many “ways” people strive to enter the kingdom (ritualistic performance, religious affiliation, etc.) but there is only one way to enter into the eternal hope God promises; personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. This is the truth contained in Jesus’ explanation of His identity. Only through Him are we saved.

Author: Kelly Brown

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